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Logistics and Events

& Delivery UK

Vehicle Is transported in Covered Vehicles and trailers are secured during transport.

Door to Door Service

& Delivery EU

Vehicle are transported in Covered Vehicles and Trailers are secured during transport. 

Also Carnets or Export/ Import Paperwork can be done for you

Silver package

Vehicle is parked with cotton car cover and battery connected to a  C-Tek battery conditioner.


£120 / month

Event Transport and support Available 

Vehicles and any assoicsted Equipment, Wheels and tyres, Tools,Spares ETC are all transported in Covered Vehicles and locked and secured during transport.

Hospitality can be arranged some vehicles can be booked with office

Gold package

Vehicle is parked with a cotton car cover and connected to a C-Tek battery conditioner. Monthly start up, fluids checked, run to temperature before checking ancillary functions and rotating tyres to prevent flat spots.​


£135 / month

Need one of them? Give us a call now!
07590 490956
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